HEPA Turkey, as the contracted partner of the Hungarian Export Promotion Agency since 2015, promotes Hungarian companies in Turkey and Greece through its seven regional offices; four based in Turkey (Istanbul, Ankara, İzmir, Bursa) and others in Athens, Nicosia and Budapest. In line with Hungary’s national export strategy, it is HEPA Turkey’s mission to help Hungarian companies successfully penetrate the Turkish and Greek markets by providing an array of professional services. HEPA Turkey supports building international commercial relations by conducting market analysis and providing business consulting services. HEPA Turkey’s main aim is to explore and capitalize on external market opportunities and help its clients to meet their export development goals with reduced risk through sustainable strategic collaborations with well-established and reliable local business partners.

HEPA OFFICE was established in 2015 in order to contribute to and diversify the foreign economic relationships of Hungary by means of taking advantages from opportunities and synergies not yet discovered together with one of the leading companies of Turkey, Polat Group. HEPA OFFICE aim is to enhance and increase the commercial relationships with these two countries attached to each other in respect of history and culture, allow Hungarian small and medium sized enterprises to carry out business in Turkey, help Turkish companies that aim to carry out business operations with Hungarian companies, keep informed Turkish investors of the investment opportunities in Hungary and, provide guidance during the process of these investments. HEPA OFFICE, an affiliate of Polat Holding, was established in 2015 as “ALX Center to Improve Hungarian Trade” and it was transformed in 2016 to a multinational foreign trade company while maintaining its structure focusing on Hungary and, it is now operating under the name “HEPA OFFICE”. Already authorized by the Hungarian Government to investors and export partners for Hungarian SME’s, HEPA OFFICE is the representatives of Turkey and Greece in the Hungarian Export Promotion Agency (HEPA).


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